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Friday, February 17, 2012

Life, it keeps happening... BUT SO DO COMICS !!!

There will be some Bat Spoilers so boohoo... 

Apologies for the silence had to take  a week of to get my four page story onto the EOC Anthology 2 and then I got this tonsillitis and pretty bad fevers. So the past week has been spent sleeping and watching random episodes of MST3K and other things, which I will talk a bit about once I get around to recording. So enough of that. What I want to talk to you all about is this

Batman #5 and #6. Batman has been one of the most consistently good books the relaunch has produced. Scott Snyder has been writing an intriguing mystery and we've been getting a good feeling of Batman being out of his depth in this story as the Court of Owls looms behind it all. And the art oh the art !!! Greg "Papi" Capullo is killing it he's bringing in all of the good things that made him such a big name in the 90's with Spawn, but it seems tempered with a good sense of proportions when it comes to using his more cartoony (In NO way derogatory) style to bring life to the pages and it just works B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L-L-Y. 

Issue #5 was a brilliant piece that was using the medium in ways that can only really work in comics ( I Love it when creators do that). The actual premise of this issue was simple: Last issue Batman was caught in a maze by the COO ( Court Of Owls) and he has now been wondering around, tired hungry and drugged out of his mind, for a week. The execution of his sense of delirium and disorientation is masterful. It's all done by clever layout decisions which make the reader almost as disorientated as Batman is.   and the story itself? It shows us the bat crumbling and it cuts deep.

Batman #6 gives us that moment you look for in 80's fighting movies (You know like Lionheart and Bloodsport), that moment when the hero is completely beaten, he is down, but then he gets his second wind and crushes all opposition and.... flees before he gets his ass kicked again? Well that's what you're getting here, but it's still an awesome finale and I know I'll be doubledipping the hell out of this book.

What can I say Batman is awesome at the moment and I hope the creative team won't be changing soon, because I think these guys can do great things with this. If you haven't been reading this title so far do yourself a favor and preorder the hardcover right now.

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