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Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Mostly Mellow Popculture Episode Episode 26

Hello everybody !!!
This time we have Skottie Young's A-Babies vs X-babies, Talon #1, Grant Morrison's Batman Incorporated #3 #4 #0, Brandon Grahame's Multiple warheads Alphabet to Infinity, Amazing Spider-Man #696, Teen Titans #13, Prophet #30, Batman Li'l Gothamand Words of George Lucas and Disney...
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  1. I too hope everyone is recovering from the storm. Bad stuff.

    You are the first podcast I listen to that has addressed the Lucas/Disney deal. You are always very current. I am optimistic about the deal as well. If it stinks, I can just tune it out.

    Need to get back on the Spidey train. Somehow I fell off. I think it was shipping so often I just fell hopelessly behind. Octobots do feature prominantly in the latest Ultimate Spider-man cartoon.

    Reading Prophet in trade and liking it. Hope it lasts forever. Did get Multiple Warheads but probably switch to trade if it keeps going.

    Not on Facebook so Twitter and here is where you will find me. I always like posting comments if they work. I also subscribe on iTunes but often can't wait to get around to downloading when I can stream it here fresh off the virtual presses.

    Keep up the good work and hopefully you will give us your thoughts on Fireside Tales. Thanks.

  2. Thanks again brother Rabbit :) Always nice to hear from you.

    I wanted to give my two cents about the Lucas/Disney deal, because I think it's right up there with Disney buying Marvel a few years ago it will have an effect on the entertainment that I'll be getting in the years to come, but the results remain to be seen. As I said I'm hopeful too.

    Spidey is easy enough to get back into plenty of trades and you can get them at reasonable prices.

    Prophet is just too good, but difficult to talk about in a monologue.