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Friday, October 26, 2012

Mostly Mellow Episode 25

This week we've got Hawkeye #3, Justice League #13, DC Universe Presents #13: Black Lightning and Blue Devil, Wonder Woman #13, Marvel Zombies Halloween, Captain Marvel #5.... and that's it it. I know I'm shocked too.
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1 comment:

  1. I do like how this and the Sarjakuva podcast have different themes but feel related. Double Page Spread and Wendi are awesome. Check them out via iTunes or libsyn.

    She is on 26 now. You two are locked into a race, a race to the death. Or a race to post episodes.

    I like how you have come around. You and Wendi let that first issue have it. Both barrels.

    Kate Bishop was in the Young Avengers. If you recall Hawkeye was "dead" for awhile. She became Hawkeye. He came back as Ronin (or some sort of thing) and he confronted her. I think he gave her his bow or some sort of passing of the torch. This was secret invasion time. Now he is back to Hawkeye and I don't know what she is doing. Tradewaiting on this title.

    "Gray Rabbit" - that woke me up but not that interested in having a soundtrack to my comics.

    The Fred Van Lente Halloween book was very good. Fun book, fits the mood and fits the Marvel U. Francavilla also does covers for the Dark Shadows comic which is pretty good but I like the writer Mike Raicht.

    You are very loyal. I bailed on Justice League after the first issue. I did check the trade out from the library It was alright but nothing I need to own.

    Hey old man, its the NEW 52, you have to let go of your old fashioned ideas about Blue Devils and different colored lightnings. Hee, hee.

    Keep up the good work. Thanks.