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Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Mostly Mellow 24

Hello everyone ! This week we're talking Sean Murphy's Punk Rock Jesus, Uncanny Avenger's, Red She-Hulk #58, Team 7 #1, Demon Knights, Death of a Family, Batman, Batgirl, Batman & Robin, Ultimate Spider-Man Infinite. Fun times unless you're a fan of polar bears.
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  1. Sounds like I will have to check out Punk Rock Jesus in trade.

    Uncanny Avengers failed to capture my imagination. Probably done. It just felt like nothing happened in the dang thing. The She-Hulk book was better. All the convulted history of comics does make me often sound like a dummy. My wife will ask some fairly straightforward question and I have to give hundreds of qualifiers to my answer. I think the hero project name is pronounced with the soft "ch" sound like "sh". I will likely pick up the next She-Hulk because I like Jeff Parker but no guarantees.

    Sad to see Neves is no longer on Demon Knights. I am still buying it but not sure for how much longer. Chang is good but it was an abrupt change of style in my opinion.

    Checked out on Batman around issue 9 or so. Just not feeling that type of Batman right now. I did just read Batman: Season One via #LibraryReads

    Thanks. Keep on with the good work.

    1. Definitely check Punk Rock Jesus.
      While I agree with you on that not much happened in Uncanny Avengers I did like the insanity of Red Skull's plan of taking over the world with Xavier's brain.