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Friday, October 12, 2012

The Mostly Mellow Episode 23

What do you know we're here again ! Talking a bit about some animated shows like TMNT, Green Lantern Animated, Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Ultimate Spider-Man and some non animated like Alphas. Also Comics look at Earth 2 (Not the podcast) , World's Finest and the Hypernaturals. Short, but hopefully it will appease the rabbits...
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  1. Glad you are feeling better.

    Been hearing lots of chatter on the TMNT cartoon so I might check it out. However, can we rule out that some of your enjoyment might have been fever induced?

    I am one of those people giving it crap for the art but I watch it and I like the story. I watch it IN SPITE of the art. I loved that they got Guy Gardner (as voiced by Bader who did Batman for Brave and the Bold). Good stuff but it would be so much better with regular animation.

    I agree on Ultimate getting better but not as good as Spectacular. White Tiger is on the team you are correct. White Tiger (from the comics) is a magic totem based character. It was a dude but in Avengers Academy it is now his sister (maybe cousin). In the show not sure if she has the totem. The Nova is not Richard Ryder version. Spider-Ham episode is a nice flashback for some of us old people.

    Spoiler for Wendi on Avengers. She needs to see those new episodes with a certain seasonal based warrior. It is a great cartoon and battling with Young Justice as my top. I just wish they didn't crib so much from the books and maybe tighten up the art a little.

    Have not seen Alphas but I might try it. I know Alan (New Mutant) likes it.

    Bowed out on Earth 2 after the first issue. I was pretty upset no mention of Bobgar, Jon, Paul, of Babyhoff. Ripoff.

    Did not try World's Finest. Now that DC keeps doing successive waves, it makes me less interested in new stuff. Bailed on Swamp Thing and Animal Man. The crossover with Frankenstein means I am dropping that book. Keep the books separate for at least 2 years.

    The problem with having costumes tearing is it focuses your mind on the costume physics too much. In "reality" those costumes would rarely last one fight but best not to think of that.

    Like the Hypernaturals but just stopped after a few issues. That $3.99 is a little steep. Some of us are not on Facebook.

    Double Page Spread is great. Wendi brings it everytime. It is the only regular interview podcast that I listen to. Some of my other favorites have occational interviews (Sarjavuka, Comic Book Page, EOC) but they don't just do interviews.

    Where do I send the invoice for being shortchanged? Will this do? Do you need a purchasing order number?

    Thanks for the episode. We love comment sections. I would bring some friends but I don't have any, that's why I listen to podcasts.

    1. Wow that's a delluge of comments right there brother Rabbit !

      Can't believe I forgot to mention Young Justice I love that show, although I shouldn't be that surprised since I only watched 1 episode compared to the over twenty of Avengers and 12 Ultimate Spider-Man episodes. Spider-Ham episode was a fun episode for everyone and I think a lot of kids will remember the character for a long time.

      Alphas is really good, there are some lulls in both seasons that have come out, but overall it's quality stuff heroes done right. Also from what I understand some of the first season is shot around where Alan lives.

      I hear you on the trying new DC stuff front, but I'm really liking where the Earth 2 is going, even though many of the costumes are pretty silly, it's essentially building into a JSA book and I welcome the change for another Justice *something* book that's actually good. You can always get it cheaper digitally or maybe check it out as a trade for cheap on one of your many con visits... Once DC actually puts it out.

      As for ripping costumes if I want that I'll read Empowered.

      I'll try and remember to put links and things onto the blog too. Should try and make this grow a little in other ways as well. You can send the invoice to Malminrinne 2 b32 00100 Helsinki, Finland.